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ACE Triglides

ACE Triglides Plain three bar aduster buckle - sometimes called a three bar slide. The standard strap length adjustment buckle for industry.This ACE Triglide is available in Black nylon, We can source white for you but it is subject to an MOQ, and can be dyed any colour contact us for details.

Material - Nylon Sizes - 25mm,40mm,50mm

Standard Triglide

Standard Triglide Due Emme Thermoplastics Triglides - sometimes called a three bar slide.The standard strap length adjustment buckle for industry.
Available in sizes - 15mm ,20mm,25mm,30mm,40mm

Material - Nylon
Sizes - 15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm

Europa Triglide

Europa Triglide

The Europa range is a softer styling the Standard Triglide making it better suited for many modern applications

Material - Acetal Sizes - 20mm,25mm,40mm,50mm

Triglide Dividers

Triglide Dividers A simple modern redesigned 15mm strap divider used widely in helmet industry
15mm International Strap Divider
Material - Nylon Size- 15mm

15mm Wedge Adjuster

Material - Nylon Size-to suit 17mm-19mm webbing

ACE Flame Retardant Triglide

ACE Flame Retardant Triglide
ACE three bar aduster buckle moulded in flame retardant material for use in hostile environments

Material - Flame Retardant Grillon Sizes - 25mm, 40mm, 50mm

Slimglide (Low Profile) Triglide

Slimglide (Low Profile) Triglide
ITW Nexus slim, low profile three bar adjuster buckle,Discreet, Lightweight, stylish .

Material - Nylon Sizes - 20mm,25mm,40mm

Online catalogue |  Triglides

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