A year with Ace Supplies UK LTD…

Ace Supplies UK LTD

We are now just over the year mark of COVID 19 being a part of our daily lives. It has been a learning curve for all of us but fastening distribution doesn’t stop! Due to Ace Supplies UK supplying the medical sector with speciality parts, we have been here to support all of our customers during this uncertain time. We are still maintaining our fantastic levels of customer care, delivery dates and stock levels.

Luckily for us at Ace Supplies UK, the team has not been affected by COVID. We do everything possible in order to ensure that we are kept healthy. We carry out temperature checks, keep anti-bacterial gel everywhere, social distance as a minimum. Unfortunately, we have had to limit order collections from customers in order to limit outside contact.

With the combination of COVID and BREXIT, Ace Supplies UK have had to work closely with our manufacturers to forecast our stock holdings to ensure that we can continue to provide the best possible service. As part of this forecasting we are also working extremely hard with our customers to understand the ever-demanding change of business needs and support those who have pivoted away from their day to day business.

Going forward, we are still maintaining our exceptional stock levels. Demand for bespoke assemblies have increased which we have managed accordingly. If you require any support or want to discuss ongoing stock or supply, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here during our regular business hours. Regarding our customers, nothing has changed for you in terms of service.

Contact us if you have any questions!