The Best Buckle For Your Application

The Best Buckle

A plastic buckle is a plastic buckle, right? On the surface, buckles may all look pretty much the same. To the naked eye, they offer a similar mechanism, are a similar shape and essentially do the same job. However, depending on your needs depends entirely on the buckle you will need. When shopping around, you’ll be greeted with products such as ‘side release’, ‘front release’, ‘cam’, ‘ladderloc’, ‘triglides’ and ‘D rings’, so which one will suit your needs?

Let’s start with side release – 

Side release buckles are one of the most popular plastic buckles. They boast a side squeeze opening which clicks in and out. These buckles are used on pet collars, to secure helmets and industrial belts primarily, but can also be found on specialist hiking rucksacks in order to attach equipment to and even clothing. They are so popular due to their strong nature, flexibility, and ease of use. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, so are generally multipurpose, meaning the fit into almost any application.

What is front release? – 

Not quite as common as side release, but front release buckles are still a relatively familiar sight in everyday life. They are generally used for more industrial applications, such as on workwear as they can look slightly neater than side releases buckles, but till boast a sturdy and durable nature, ideal for continued or heavy duty use.

When would I need a cam buckle? – 

Cam buckles, unlike their counterparts, are not so obvious from their name only. They are used for various types of cargo to secure straps and ensure items do not move. Perfect for fragile and light objects as they are discreet and lightweight themselves, they are strong enough to hold items in place while in the back of a lorry or van but aren’t advised for large or heavy duty items.

How do ladderlock buckle work? – 

Although not a household name, ladderlocks are common in a number of areas. Fully adjustable and extremely versatile, they securely fasten items together, without slipping. They come in a number of sizes so do have multiple applications, such as to secure rucksacks onto a back, to tighten pet clothing and to keep items together or rolled up.

Where do triglides come in? – 

Triglides are one of the oldest types of buckle dating back to the Roman times. They are one of the best pieces of equipment for adjusting straps, and as a result, are often used with quick release buckles to provide additional adjustment or tidy up loose ends. The buckles also come in a lightweight and flame retardant material.

What can I do with a D ring? –

 D rings do what they say on the tin; they are metal or plastic rings in the shape of a D and are used to connect one thing to another using a clip or clasp. Most commonly seen on bags, they are also regular sights in haberdasheries thanks to their multi-use nature.

Of course, there are many other types of buckles available, but these are the most popular. If you require any assistance, please get in touch with our team who will be pleased to help you find the right buckle for your needs.