Customised Assemblies


From your idea to a fully realised customised assembly, we make it easy to create bespoke products for your customers. If we do not have a part that you require for your assembly, contact us and we can inquire about sourcing. We can source custom lettered webbing too!


How does it work?


Blank Assembly Drawing

Give us a call or an email about your assembly and we will firstly produce a drawing to your specifications with sizing clearly displayed. This will be assigned a unique DEV number that is unique to your part.


Customised assembly drawing

If you have any adjustments to be made to your customised assembly, let us know and we will change the drawing as necessary. When you are happy with your drawing, we will ask you to sign it and send it back for verification. Pricing will then be provided.


The next step is sampling. We will produce a sample of your assembly and send it to you to make sure that it is exactly what you and your customers need. We charge a sample fee of £10.00 for this.

If again, you need adjustments to the assembly, we will change the drawing accordingly and have you sign it. We will then produce another sample for you.

When your assembly is correct it will be assigned a special ACE number (e.g. – ACE1975), you can then order it like you would any of our other products. Just let us know the part number and we will manufacture it for you.

The lead time on bespoke assemblies varies but tends to be around 3 weeks. Please order accordingly with this in mind.

Fill in the below form with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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