Military Ladderlock

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Military Style Ladderlock

Military Ladderlock in Tan 500 GhillieTEX IRR material, available in sizes of: 20mm or 25mm. A traditional adjuster buckle often used alongside our quick release buckles to provide an additional adjustment or also to tidy up loose ends.

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Technical Information:
Acetal – Excellent Tensile Strength, Stiffness, Surface Hardness and Chemical Resistance.
Usable Temperature Range: -40°F to 140°F
Nylon – Good Tensile Strength, Chemical Resistance, Stiffness & Flexural Memory. Excellent in High Temperature Applications.
Usable Temperature Range: -40°C to 199°C.
Tensile Strength:
20mm – 65kg,
30mm – 75kg


GhillieTex IRR