Military Side Release Buckle

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Military Side Release Buckle in Tan 500 GhillieTEX IRR material, or Black Acetal Special Grade material. Available in sizes of: 20mm, 25mm, 40mm or 50mm. NATO Stock No. 8315 99 497 9272, NATO Stock No. 8315-99-788-8301. If you wish to buy the Male or Female part separately please enquire for more information.

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Technical Information:

Acetal – Excellent Tensile Strength, Stiffness, Surface Hardness and Chemical Resistance.
Usable Temperature Range: -40°F to 140°F

Nylon – Good Tensile Strength, Chemical Resistance, Stiffness & Flexural Memory. Excellent in High Temperature Applications.
Usable Temperature Range: -40°C to 199°C
Maximum Tensile Load:
20mm – 45kg
25mm – 85kg
30mm – 80kg
40mm – 75kg
50mm – 75kg


GhillieTEX IRR / Acetal Special Grade



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