Ripfast ® Sewable Hook and Loop Tape – Non standard colours

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Ripfast ® Sewable Hook and Loop Tape – Non standard colours

RIPFAST® Sewable Non standard colours hook and loop tape is ACE Supplies own brand of ‘Hook & Loop’ or ‘touch’ fastener tape. Once sewn in position and pressed together, they fix fast. Providing a surprising strong bond, and when pulled open they produce the characteristic ‘rip’ sound, hence the name – RIPFAST®. Like all ACE products, the supply of RIPFAST® sewable is quality controlled, and the product itself has been tested and meets both BS and MOD standards. BS EN ISO 22776:2004 approved.

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More Information

Multiple colours available.

Technical Information:
Nylon material available for frequent use with the following features: heat resistant, freeze resistant, chemical resistant, washable, suitable for dry cleaning, anti-acid, anti-alkali and a good insulator of electric equipment.

Tensile Strength (force in N per cm width):
Hook Tape – 368 N/cm, Loop Tape – 409 N/cm

Resistance to Temperatures:
From -30°C to +140°C




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