Ripfast ® Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape

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Self adhesive Hook and Loop 

The self adhesive version of RIPFAST® hook and loop tape is extremely popular due to its easy use and reliability. The adhesive is high tack and quick setting. It will achieve 90% of its bond strength in about an hour from application. Self-adhesive has an operating temperature range of -5 °C to +70 °C making it suitable for a diverse range of applications including vehicles, computers, medical facilities, toys, curtains, carpets and also many more!

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Technical Information:
This product is self-sticking with a protective layer of paper to peel off before use. High tack and quick setting, achieves 80% bond strength in approximately an hour. Achieves 100% bond strength within 24 hours. Suitable for high temperature use.

Tensile Strength (force in N per cm width):
Minimum 200N/cm

Resistance to Temperatures:
Softening Point – 85°C
Melting Point – 130°C


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