Ripfast ® Solo Hook and Loop Tape

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Solo 2 in 1 Tape from ACE is completely different to the other Hook and Loop formats available – it is self-engaging as hook and loop is woven onto the same surface, meaning you only need one roll and not two. In application it works in the same way as traditional RIPFAST®, producing a one piece product which is infinitely adjustable and an easy-to-sew fastening system.

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Other colours and sizes are available upon request.

Technical Information:
Weaves of alternative rows of hook and loop on the same surface, soft against the skin with reduced lint contamination. Versatility for infinite adjustments and easy re-wrapping.

Tensile Strength (force in N per cm width):
Minimum 200N/cm

Resistance to Temperatures:
Softening Point – 165°C
Melting Point – 215°C


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