STRAPLINE Bungee Straps

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STRAPLINE Bungee Straps

STRAPLINE Bungee straps – Assembled comprising superb quality ITW NEXUS shock cord hooks and bungee strapping. Nylon hooks and end fittings eliminate the danger of rust and corrosion when used outdoors or in damp. The smooth lightweight nylon design also helps to avoid the damage which can be done to boats, cars, Marine industry, etc. * Supplied fully assembled

* Lightweight and Smooth – avoid damage if bungee is over stretched and accidentally released. Shock cord with hooks pre-attached each end.

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Technical Information:

Hook – Nylon Super Tough Material. Tensile Strength: 35kg. Melting Point: 263°C
Bungee Cord – Polypropylene/Rubber Material. Melting Point: 170°C.
SC05 SC08
A= 5.5mm A=8.5mm
B= 13mm B= 16mm
C= 47mm C= 71cm
D= 17.5mm D= 27mm
E= 5mm E= 5mm


Polypropylene – Natural Rubber – Nylon Hooks








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