Due Emme Crab Side Release Buckle

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Due Emme Crab Side Release Buckle in Black Acetal material. Available in sizes of 20mm, 25mm, 40mm and 50mm. This is a new concept buckle of innovative design. The 40mm size is ISO 12402-7 tested for life jackets. Strength resistance of up to 45kg.

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Technical Information:
Acetal – High Rigidity. High Mechanical Strength. Good Elasticity. Excellent Abrasion Resistance. Good Resistance to Oils, Grease & Solvents. Low Water Absorption.
Tensile Strain at Break: 25%
Melting Point: 166°C
Breaking Point:
16mm – 45kg
20mm – 60kg
25mm – 70kg
40mm – 90kg
50mm – 100kg





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