2022 : Exhibitions and visits.


In 2021, exhibitions reopened and what a year they have had! From being extremely slow and steady with caution to more recent ones which have been great to attend as they have been extremely busy. Following from the COVID scenario to see our fabulous customers and meet with people within the same sector has been a tremendous opportunity to connect.

This said, there are some faces we haven’t seen for a while and this is of course understandable. The world right now is extremely busy with supply chains, materials, logistics and stocks and we have faced some of these challenges along with managing COVID itself.

As 2022, fast approaches we are keen to book in some more exhibitions to attend, visit and catch up. We are really interested to know what our customers are planning as we look at our 2022 calendar. We asked the people who matter most, you, our customers and conducted our own research. Last month we sent out a survey and most people answered they were unsure as to whether they would be attending shows in 2022 – UK or abroad.

We completely understand the worry of potential cancellations and also keeping everybody safe from COVID. It is difficult at the moment to have any clear plans for the year coming in regard to most business .

With this in mind, please know that we are eager to see our customers to find out how we can continue to support and improve. Whether it’s a team’s video call, a face-to-face meeting at the office or a catch up at a show,

let us know by contacting us or connect with us on our social media – Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube.