Webbing Carry Handle


A carry handle enables the user to carry and manoeuvre equipment and transit with ease. Cases/bags make it easier to carry all types of equipment or several pieces of equipment at once.
They are used in various applications such as vehicle restraints, transporting musical instruments, tool bags, storage bins, totes, luggage and many more applications

There are various types available in several ergonomic styles to suit the types of needs required. Certain handles include additional features for convenience. Whether a replacement or additional handles are required, we can supply several options including mounting hardware .

A few of the most common handles are:

Heavy Duty – A strong ergonomic handle which is easy to sew or rivet onto bags, boxes, ect.

The soft material and finger grips make it a very  comfortable handle to use. There is a length of webbing attached to each side of the handle, which can be cut to the application.


Lightweight Webbing Strap – The lightweight handle is 11cm in length and the webbing either side measures 12.5cm It has been produced using 15mm black webbing and is used for a wide range of applications.

Smooth Profile carry – This medium weight handle is padded with a soft flexible grip to aid comfort. It has been pre-assembled meaning it is ready for riveting or sewing into position.

Handle length is 15cm and includes 10cm of webbing either side. Overall length is 35cm.

Lightweight Flat – This handle is flat and flexible. 12cm of 15mm polypropylene webbing has been used either side of the handle. The width of the handle grip is approximately 2cm.

Strapline –  Strapline handles are available in two finishes; heavy duty and smooth profile. They both include face fixing anchors with brackets which mean they can instantly be attached to boxes, cases, bags, and other applications.




Heavy Duty                            Smooth Profile               Lightweight Webbing                                       



 Strapline Handle                    Lightweight Flat     

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