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Are you looking for a unique product or have you been developing your own? At Ace Supplies UK, we can help to make sure that your assemblies are exactly to your measurements and needs. This can include logos on webbing/hook and loop tape, straps cut to your specifications and particular colours or buckle types. The possibility for customisation is endless!
Over the years we have assisted many industries with their assembly needs such as medical straps, pet wear, exercise straps and more.

So how does the assembly process work? Keep reading for more information on how we make sure that everything is perfect for you and your customers.

Contact us

Call or email us with your specifications and as much detail as possible. We will discuss your needs and what works for the product you are inquiring about as well as pricing and lead times on quantities.

Drawings / Samples Stage

We will produce a drawing in detail, complete with measurements, part descriptions and a part number for your assemblies. This will be sent to you for approval and a signature. If there are any amendments that need to be made or part changes, just tell us and we can change them on your product sheet before moving on to the next stage.

Sometimes you need to check that your products work with others or also just to see a fully realised product. Contact us about sampling and we will produce your assemblies for a small fee. Like the drawing, if any changes are to be made, we can amend this and resend a revised product.


Finally, place your order with us like you would any other product that we stock! Next time, just provide us with your assembly’s individual part number and you will receive a quick lead time and update on progress.

Email us at to get your assembly produced now!