What is Hook and Loop Tape?

What is Rip Fast / Hook and Loop Tape?


A Close up of Hook and Loop TapeRipfast is our brand of Hook and Loop Tape. A fastener closure system that is made up of two separate parts, a “Hook” (The rough side) and a “Loop” (The fluffier side). It is often an overlooked, versatile tool that is utilised in many different products and sectors. There are many different options with Ripfast (we have four types available). so whether it’s for shoes and fashion, organisation of cabling or fixing products to the floor, Rip fast is great for a multitude of tasks. It is available in a variety of colours and sizes depending on the type of Hook and Loop tape needed. Rip fast is available in 25m reels.



What types of Rip Fast / Hook and Loop Tape are there?


Sewable Tape  –

Sewable Hook and Loop TapeSewable hook and loop is our most popular Rip fast product. This type is sewn onto opposite sides of bags or clothing for example as it is a no-fuss application that is surprisingly strong when stuck together. It is heat resistant, freeze resistant, chemical resistant, washable, and a good insulator of electric equipment.


Elastic Tape –

Elastic Loop TapeOur elastic loop tape is extremely flexible and stretchable. It is made from an elastic, breathable nylon that holds it’s shape well over time. This can be paired with any hook tape that we supply for a strong fix. Elastic loop tape is mainly used within the medical and clothing industries due to its comfort and adaptability.


Self-adhesive Tape –

Self Adhesive TapeOur self-adhesive hook and loop tape does not require sewing and has a strong adhesive on the back. The glue used is high tack and quick setting – and will achieve 90% of its bond strength in about an hour from application, so you do not have to delay your production to wait for this to set.


Solo Tape –

Solo TapeAble to stick to itself, our solo hook and loop tape is on one reel rather than two separate reels (one for hook and one for loop as is the case with the other types).  It is a unique product that can be used in both tidying up spaces, folding back on itself for strapping or any application that requires the hook and loop tape to be frequently adjusted.



Want to know more?

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