Challenges in sustainability

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Sustainability and supporting our environment are important topics. Ace Supplies UK LTD have been asked by you if we stock or are looking to stock recycled plastic fasteners. These include buckles, tri glides, cam locks and other accessories. We are aware of the global goals to be environmentally conscious and how important it is to work towards a healthier planet.

We have spent a lot of time researching if recycled plastic components are suitable for our range and our customer’s needs. Due to its unpredictability in finished quality, it just is not something that we can safely offer. Recycled materials change from one batch to the next, which means that we cannot guarantee how strong or durable they are going to be. This means that they would most likely fail testing that is required for medical, marine, PPE, transport, etc.

What does this mean?

This could mean a buckle breaking on a safety helmet or a child’s car seat buckle not working correctly. This would have significantly disastrous consequences. For that reason, we are focused on only stocking the top quality manufactured products.

Safety and quality are the forefront of what we provide. It is why we keep specification sheets and data on hand for the parts that we stock. At Ace we also work with the leaders within the market such as ITW NEXUS and Due Emme. It is paramount to us to make sure that we stock the best.

Do we keep environmental health in mind in other areas?

Finally, Ace Supplies UK LTD does have policies in place to ensure that we are adhering to recycling waste where possible and disposing appropriately of the waste that cannot by a licenced disposal operator. ACE SUPPLIES UK LTD also operate in an energy efficient manner to reduce the emission of potentially harmful gasses. We also recycle whatever we can and reduce the use of paper to only what is necessary.

We are always looking to update our range and keep our stock new. Going forward, we will keep an eye on the market as it continues to bring new fastening solutions out. We hope that recycled parts are particularly something we can offer in the future.

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